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    Know What You Want



    Round Eyes

    If you have large round eyes, you’re able to see white around your iris. Wispy lashes with more drama towards the outside wing will create a seductive cat-eye shape and look for curled options to keep the eye from looking flat.


    Almond Eyes

    For almond-shaped eyes like RiRi, you won’t be able to see any white above or below your iris (unlike round eyes). You can get away with almost any lash you like, and you can show off the sexy shape of your eyes with voluminous lashes that are evenly distributed all the way along the band.


    Hooded Eyes

    The term hooded describes how the fold of the eyelid hides some of your lid when your eyes are open, so that not all of the lid is visible. To open up your eyes as much as possible, avoid super dramatic lashes, which tend to make your eyes look smaller. Instead, choose a pair which is slightly longer in the center; this will create an illusion of depth.


    Deep-set Eyes

    If your eyes sit slightly further back under your brow bone, you’re lucky because you can add all the drama with your lashes. A long, curled pair of lashes will open up your eyes and enhance their size.


    Monolid Eyes

    Monolid means no crease on your eyelid can be seen – most common among Asian ethnicities. You can opt for a fluttery lash with crisscross layers that open up the eye. Our top tip is to always curl them once they’re applied, to give more height to the eyes.