5 Reasons ANTHEIA Lashes Are the Best False Lashes in India

by Antheia Lashes
5 Reasons ANTHEIA Lashes Are the Best False Lashes in India

What does a girl look for in a pair of false eyelashes? Comfort? Quality? Range?

New buyers of false eyelashes often have concerns about their purchase. These are just some of the concerns we hear during our conversations with people who are considering false eyelashes.

  • Will they make me look artificial?
  • What if the lashes come off when I’m at a party?
  • Are they safe?
  • I have sensitive skin. I’ve heard fake lashes cause allergic reactions. Is that true?
  • How long can I keep them on?
  • Some of my friends have lost their natural eyelashes after they started wearing false lashes. I’m worried.
  • Will they hurt?
  • Are they comfortable?


We thought it’s time to put these concerns to rest.

However, not all false eyelashes are created the same! While we agree that these issues are real in the case of many false lashes, it’s not so with Antheia eyelashes, the finest in India.

Over and over again, customers of Antheia have said that these eyelashes are the best they’ve found in India. They own not one pair, but several! Made with mink & faux mink hair, Antheia eyelashes are becoming a makeup essential.

Here’s why there’s a growing list of Antheia customers every single day!


1) Antheia Lashes Spell Luxury

Made with fine mink & faux mink, Antheia eyelashes are lush and premium-looking. With incredible 3D volume, each eyelash is handcrafted with care and designed to make you feel super-special, wherever you are.


2) They’re So Natural and Comfortable, You Almost Forget You’re Wearing Them

If there’s one thing almost every Antheia customer raves about, it’s this: Their extraordinary light-weightedness! With a thickness of just 0.07 mm, and seamless, high-quality black cotton band, each pair of eyelashes comes with a mini glue that makes them very easy to wear! This comfort comes with an added advantage - an incredibly natural look.


3) There’s One for Everyone

All set to take on a glamorous evening? Want to go natural? With various shapes (flare, round, round slight flare), patterns (criss-cross, criss-cross straight, straight), and volume (medium glam, super glam, medium natural, super natural) options, Antheia’s range of lashes can take you from a lazy morning to a high-energy nightclub!


4) They’re Safe

Handcrafted with the finest, most luxurious material, Antheia lashes are incredibly safe. The mini glue that comes free with every lash box has absolutely no latex. So, no more allergic reactions, just beautiful days and glamorous nights.

They’re also very gentle on your natural lashes. We’ve often heard of fake nails damaging the actual fingernails under them. This happens very often with false eyelashes too. Most false eyelashes apply extra pressure on the natural lashes, causing hurt to the hair follicles. This results in breakage and reduced hair growth.

However, Antheia eyelashes are made with the finest, most premium material. They’re so light weight, they cause absolutely no damage to your natural eyelashes.


5) They’re Long Lasting

Every time you wear a pair of Antheia eyelashes, you can stay in them for almost 8 hours, with absolutely no discomfort. What’s even better is that you can wear each pair up to 25 times! So, every time you invest in a pair of these lashes, you know you will get complete value for your money.

So, if you’re considering a pair of false eyelashes, check Antheia out. See what our customers have to say about us. Try out a pair. We know you’ll keep coming back for more! 


by Antheia Lashes